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En qué podemos ayudarte


We offer psychological assistance to any person, or family that has some kind of difficulty in their personal, family, work, school or social life, or those who want to achieve greater well-being or specific goals.

The sessions are done both at the Center and at home or online via Skype.


You can find more specific information on the type of psychological assistance we offer for children and adolescents or adults and family, in the mentioned sections of the website.


According to other professionals, we offer case supervision services in the Center and online. 

Como trabajamos
Discusión de grupo


Psychological interventions are carried out through individual or family sessions in which the client and the therapist will have a space of 45-60 minutes, except in special situations in which, due to the nature of the intervention, it may be necessary to schedule longer sessions. The frequency will vary depending on the case, in the beginning the sessions are usually weekly, and as it evolves they tend to biweekly and even monthly visits in follow-up cases.


The first sessions are usually devoted to assess the difficulties, identify the mental processes and factors that may be affecting the maintenance of the problem and agree with the person or family the desired goals. As a result of this, the most appropriate intervention is suggested, and treatment is carried out using the techniques and tools that are best adapted to each case.


On behalf of the center, in all cases the confidentiality and protection of personal data of which we have knowledge in the exercise of our functions, is guaranteed, in accordance with the provisions of article 10 of the organic law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, and Article 11 of Law 8/2001, of July 13, Protection of Personal Data in the Community of Madrid.


In case of psychological therapy with under-age children, the tutors will be informed of the aspects related to the therapeutic process and its evolution, keeping as confidential the data that the professional considers appropriate for the nature of the intervention and always for the child’s benefit.


In case of needing pharmacological support to complement the psychological treatment, our professionals in the area of ​​pharmacological counseling and the psychological team will advise on the best alternatives for each case.

Asesoria Farmacólogica
tres farmacéuticos

Pharmacological advice

Sometimes some pharmacological support is necessary to complement the psychological treatment so it has greater effectiveness; As we say: medication is a small crutch that helps us walk for a while, until we learn to walk alone again. 

When we decide to start pharmacological treatment it’s important to do it with a good professional, who clarifies our doubts and gives us security about the treatment.


The services provided by our pharmacological advicer are the following:

· Information on the characteristics of the medication the patient takes.

· Recommendations on possible pharmacological treatments.

· Resolution of doubts about the medication that the patient is taking: dose, if he can take the medication with food or fasting, interactions with other medicines or with food and other doubts that the patient may have.

· Information on adverse drug reactions.

· Possible contraindications: kidney or liver failure, large snorers and other clinical situations.

· Precaution information for special patients: the elderly, when they have another illness, pregnancy, breastfeeding and other situations.


These sessions will have a variable duration, and will be done via Skype either from the Center or from home.

Our psychological and pharmacological team will be in constant contact to offer the most complete and effective intervention, and accompany the person during the process.

Supervisión Casos

case supervision

Case supervision is offered to other professionals in the area of mental health, in terms of evaluation, diagnosis and intervention, through individual or group sessions, at the Center or via Skype.

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