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Psychological Therapy

Child and adolescent psychological therapy

There is no other stage in life where so many changes are experienced as in childhood and adolescence. Based on evolutionary psychology, we place special emphasis on the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the child / adolescent, in order to support him in his process of evolution, and to improve his adaptation to the environment.


To help the child / adolescent on this path, it’s important not only to perform individual therapies with them, but also with the most important referents of their environment, such as their parents and teachers, with whom constant contact is maintained and frequent meetings are held in order to provide guidelines that can help in the child’s evolution.


When do I have to take my child to a psychologist?

Some psychological difficulties that may arise in children and adolescents, and that may require the help of a professional, are among others:


Behavioral problems: Defiant behavior, disobedience, tantrums, aggressions, opposition, lies, both at home and with other children.


Sleeping problems: Lack of sleep, nightmares, fear of sleeping alone ...


Feeding problems: Obesity, anorexia, refuses to eat certain foods, reflux, vomiting, bingeing, excessive exercise or use of laxatives, etc.


School performance problems: Lack of concentration, school failure, lack of motivation, adaptation, refusal to do homework, etc.


Problems in day and night sphincter’s control.


Hyperactivity: Attention problems, impulsivity, lack of self-control, etc.


Fears and phobias: Concrete phobias, separation anxiety, refusal to go to school, fear of relating to other children, changes, staying alone ...


Anxiety: Tics, obsessions, manias, regressive / childish behaviors, scratching, getting hurt, nervousness, malaise, restlessness, fear or generalized concerns, shyness, etc.


Emotional problems: sadness, anger, irritability, isolation, sudden mood changes.


Problems in the relationships with other children: Lack of social skills, difficulty making friends, fear of saying no, shyness, etc.


Family problems: Jealousy between brothers, fights, parents divorce, overprotection, problems with the rules, etc.


Grief: Loss of something important for the child; death, absence or abandonment of a significant person, residence changes, couple breakup, etc.


Addictions: Alcohol or drug abuse, mobile addiction, video games, internet, misuse of social media.


Bullying: Bullying, cyberbulling, etc.



EMDR Therapy

emdr therapy for children and adolescents

* Come back soon to discover our EMDR Therapy for children and adolescents!


mindfulness programs for children

mindfulness programs for children

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the natural ability to pay attention consciously and to be present in the "here and now". Children are often too busy and distracted, just as adults are. The "start button" works, but where is the "stop button"? Thanks to the contact with mindfulness when they are very young, children will learn to observe and concentrate better, to be in contact with their body, calm down and manage their emotions.

The Eline Snel method of mindfulness for children and adolescents is an international method of great recognition that is taught in several countries around the world in multiple areas.

What is it for?

This attention training program helps children and adolescents to grow inwardly, offering the possibility of cultivating attention, concentration, patience, kindness and tolerance. In addition, they will learn to be completely present in the "here and now", starting from a friendly and open attitude, without moral judgments, denials, and without repressing themselves or letting themselves be swept away by events.

In this way, they will be able to better handle situations that arise in their life, since a calm mind learns more easily, find better solutions to problems, and act with less impulsiveness.

Children and adolescents will learn to calm their minds and to understand both their own reactions and that of others; they will allow themselves to feel and learn to be themselves, without being carried away by worries and insecurities.


The program

This program is taught in our Center by a child trainer trained in the Eline Snel Method "Attention works!" By the Academie voor Mindful Teaching (AMT).

It's dedicated to children between 5 and 15 years old, divided into three groups according to age:

- Children from 5 to 8 years old

- Children from 8 to 12 years old

- Children from 12 to 15 years old


Each program will have a duration of 8 weekly sessions of 1 hour in the afternoon.


Price of the complete program (8 sessions): € 250

Programa de mindfulness
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