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The Center for Psychology - María Sancho, located in Sotogrande, boasts a team of highly qualified and specialized psychologists offering a comprehensive approach for all ages, from children to adults and families. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our recognition with the Doctoralia Excellence Certificate, consistently achieving a remarkable average rating of 5 stars from our patients each year since our inception. This remarkable acknowledgment truly highlights our unwavering commitment to offering high-quality care that deeply connects with and matters to our valued patients. We seamlessly blend scientific innovation with personalized care, crafting tailor-made treatments supported by the latest and most effective psychological evidence. With bilingual therapy in English and Spanish, and in collaboration with experts in psychiatry, nutrition, neuropsychology, and pedagogy, we provide a holistic service to enhance your psychological and emotional well-being.

Discover what our patients say about us...

* To ensure anonymity and confidentiality, patient names have been presented using initials

Mujer bonita

32 years old

"I can't express enough how grateful I am for my experience with MS Psychology Center. Their team embraced me with open arms during a challenging time in my life. The therapist spoke absolutely perfect English, which allowed me to express myself freely and delve into my emotions without any language barriers. They have been an integral part of my personal growth, and I am forever grateful for their guidance on my journey!"


Parents of an 8 year old child

"The care our child received at the Center for Psychology María Sancho has been transformative. The therapist's expertise in working with children has led to remarkable progress, positively impacting our entire family. We've learned valuable communication skills and gained a deeper understanding of each other, creating a stronger and more loving family bond. "


J. S.
Father of a 13 and a 16 year old

"We just can't thank the team at the Psychology Center María Sancho enough. Our two teenagers have seriously turned a corner since being here. It's like they've unlocked a whole new level of personal growth. The therapists totally get each of our kids, and they've armed them with tools to tackle those teenage challenges head-on. As a family, we've totally upgraded our communication game. It's like we're all on the same wavelength now, and our bonds are stronger than ever. If you're a parent looking to give your kids the best shot at being their best selves, seriously check out this place."

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