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María Sancho
Health Psychologist, collegiate M-32836.

Director and psychologist at the Psychology Center - María Sancho.

Graduated in Psychology by the Pontificial University of Comillas (Madrid), with an exchange program in St. Edwards University (USA)

Master's degree in General Health Psychology at the Pontificial University of Comillas (Madrid)

Master expert in child and adolescent behavioral therapy at the Luria Group center (Madrid)

Member of the Neuropsychopharmacology Research Group at the Research and Innovation Institute of Biomedical Sciences INiBICA (Cádiz).

EMDR Level I Psychotherapist (European EMDR institute)

She is currently a speaker at congresses and universities, and works as a teacher at the General Foundation of the University of Malaga, teaching courses on intellectual disability and attachment in education.


She is also doing a PhD in Psychology on attachment, executive functions and psychological well-being in adolescents at the University of Cádiz.



- Gibert Rahola, J., Spínola Bruzón, E., Sancho García-Serrano, M. What you always wanted to know about alcohol and never dared to ask. Ed. J Gibert Rahola. Toledo: Medical Classroom Group, 2019


- Nuñez Morales, N., Sancho García-Serrano, M., Granados Martínez, B & Gibert Rahola, J. (2019). Borderline personality disorder (BPD): Features, etiology and treatment. Biological Psychiatry, 26 (3), 85-98.


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Fotografía Irene

Irene Sierra

Health Psychologist, collegiate AN-09854


Psychologist at Psychology Center - María Sancho


Graduated in Psychology and Master's degree in General Health Psychology at the University of Valencia, specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy.


Psychologist in the field of severe mental illness in the CRIS-AVAC Association and in the field of drug addiction in the Proyecto Hombre Association.

She also has wide experience in home therapy.


Currently working as a psychologist in the Bipolar Association

Campo de Gibraltar of which she is co-founder, in addition to working as a therapist at the Asperger-TEA Campo de Gibraltar Association.

At present, she is finishing a Master's degree in Occupational Risk Prevention with a specialization in Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology at the UNED.



- May, 2017. Congress: XI AEETCA Congress “The TCAs in the 21st century: Challenges and Dilemmas” (Barcelona): C. Perpiñá, M.Segura,

L. Blasco, M. Roncero and I. Sierra. “What do I feel when I see body and fitness images ?: Differences in patients with food disorders and obesity in their emotion, activation and dominance.

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Equipo · María Sancho
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