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Irene Sierra

María Sancho

           Licensed Psychologist


An essential figure at the María Sancho Psychology Center from its very inception, Irene has been a cornerstone of our growth and continued success over the years, making her an integral part of our team and the right-hand person to our director.

As a Licensed Psychologist, Irene boasts a robust academic and professional background. She graduated in Psychology and furthered her professional development with a Master's in General Health Psychology. Her experience in psychological therapy spans various life stages, encompassing children, adolescents, and adults.


Her expertise in Eating Disorders and the Autism Spectrum showcases her commitment to addressing complex emotional and behavioral challenges with sensitivity and insight. Furthermore, her training as an EMDR therapist, with a Master's in Trauma, Attachment and EMDR, underscores her dedication to cutting-edge therapies that center on healing and personal growth.


Irene continues to cultivate her expertise in crucial areas within the field of psychology. Currently embarked on an exciting endeavor, she is working on her doctoral thesis at the University of Cádiz, delving into the relationship between body image and social media. This commitment to research and advancing knowledge reflects her deep interest in contributing to the growth and evolution of psychology.


Irene Sierra is not only a highly skilled professional but also an integral part of the identity and success of the María Sancho Psychology Center. Her passion, experience, and dedication intertwine to create a positive and enduring impact on all those fortunate enough to work with her.

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Irene Villalón

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Noelia de Alda

              Nutrition and Dietetics


Irene holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Her experience is bolstered by a specialization in Eating Disorders. Furthermore, she has earned a Master's in Nutrition and Metabolism.


Irene has taken her expertise even further, honing skills in managing digestive pathologies, chronic illnesses, and nutrition specific to women. Her approach encompasses a wide range of health needs and goals, making her a dependable ally for those seeking to enhance their well-being through nutrition.


Highlighting her dedication to continuous learning, Irene is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Biotechnology, underscoring her constant commitment to excellence and the expansion of her knowledge.


Not only does she dedicate herself to her clinical practice, but Irene also shares her expertise as an educator and collaborator in healthcare centers, reflecting her desire to positively impact the community and contribute to the training of new healthcare professionals.


At the MS Psychology Center, we take pride in having professionals of Irene Villalón's caliber, who are dedicated to providing valuable and expert support in the realm of nutrition and well-being.

Virginia Collado

Licensed Psychologist


Virginia Collado is a distinguished psychologist whose passion and dedication to mental health have made her an invaluable resource at the María Sancho Psychology Center.


Graduated in Psychology and holding a Master's in General Health Psychology, Virginia has built her knowledge on a solid foundation. However, her pursuit of excellence led her further, culminating in a specialization in Personality Disorders and a Master's in Advanced Psychological Intervention and Mental Health. Her commitment to continuous learning and training in various therapeutic approaches, including Systemic, Acceptance and Commitment, and Cognitive-Behavioral, demonstrates her constant desire to provide her clients with the best tools for their well-being.


As an EMDR Level II therapist, Virginia has found her passion in trauma treatment. Her therapeutic approach, available in both Spanish and English, focuses on emotional regulation, attachment, and self-care from a transdiagnostic perspective. This comprehensive view allows her to tailor her approach to the unique needs of each individual.


In addition to her clinical experience, Virginia has ventured into the realm of research, with a focus on anxiety and depression. Her dedication to deepening the understanding of these areas reflects her commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.


In summary, Virginia Collado is a committed and versatile psychologist with a diverse range of skills and therapeutic approaches. Her pursuit of excellence in care, backed by her solid training and research experience, makes her a vital figure for those seeking emotional support.


Lucía Aranda

Licensed Psychologist

Lucía holds a degree in Psychology along with a Master's in General Health Psychology. Furthermore, she has completed a Master's in Child and Adolescent Psychology, which has led her to specialize in various relevant areas concerning children and adolescents.


Her experience and expertise encompass crucial fields such as Eating Disorders, Gender-Based Violence, and Substance Dependence. This makes her an expert in providing support and guidance in challenging situations. Her focus also includes intervention in Sexual Disorders and the Treatment of Sexual Abuse in adults, demonstrating her dedication to addressing sensitive issues with empathy and professionalism.


Moreover, her supplementary training in Penitentiary and Judicial Psychology, along with her Official Master's in Teaching Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training, and Language Teaching with a specialization in Educational Counseling, distinguishes her as a well-rounded and versatile professional. Her holistic approach to psychology has led her to develop a broad and profound perspective that benefits those seeking her guidance and counsel.


With an unwavering commitment to growth and excellence, Lucía is a valuable member of our team at MS Psychology Center, ready to provide you with the necessary support on your journey towards well-being and personal transformation.

Director, Founder, and Psychologist at the María Sancho Psychology Center


Since the foundation of the center in 2017, María has led with passion and dedication, providing support, guidance, and emotional growth to those seeking her expertise.

Graduated in Psychology and holding a Master's in General Health Psychology, María has built a solid academic and professional foundation. Her education didn't stop there; she had the opportunity to study at prestigious Spanish universities as well as in the United States, granting her a global perspective and a wealth of diverse knowledge. Guided by her belief in the importance of a plurality of approaches, María established a Center where an integrative therapy approach is practiced, seamlessly blending tools and techniques from different psychological schools to address the individual needs of each person.

Furthermore, she holds a Master's in Child and Adolescent Psychology and a Master's in Family Systemic Therapy.

As an EMDR Level II Psychoterapist, María has specialized in trauma and attachment treatment, employing innovative approaches backed by research. Her passion for teaching has led her to be an educator at different universities, sharing her wisdom with future psychology professionals.

Currently, María is immersed in developing her doctoral thesis at the University of Cádiz. Her research in the field of attachment, executive functions, and well-being in adolescents reflects her commitment to continuous improvement and her desire to enhance the understanding of fundamental aspects of emotional development.


She offers therapy in both Spanish and English and is in charge of overseeing the team's cases.


Her integrative approach and dedication to ongoing education make her a valuable guide for those seeking emotional healing and growth in a supportive and enriching environment.

Reception and Administration Manager


With her kindness and fluency in both Spanish and English, Noelia will welcome you with a smile and be delighted to address all your inquiries.


In her role, Noelia takes charge of coordinating and scheduling your appointments, ensuring you have a seamless and comfortable experience at our center. Her dedication to providing exceptional customer service shines through in every interaction you have with her.


Noelia's skillset extends beyond reception duties; she also offers valuable support in various administrative tasks.


Beyond her professional abilities, Noelia brings a positive energy and personalized attention that greatly contribute to creating a warm and trusting environment at our center.


Her dedication to your comfort and well-being is an integral part of what makes your experience at MS Psychology Center truly special.


We are fortunate to have professionals like Noelia, who play a vital role in the smooth operation and welcoming atmosphere of our center.

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