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Education and Research

Professional Training



Over the past 5 years, we have established strong collaborations with various universities, opening our doors to final-year Psychology students and Psychology graduates pursuing Master's and Postgraduate degrees. This includes programs such as the Master's in General Health Psychology and the Master's in Eating Disorders, among others, which contribute to obtaining professional certifications.


Several universities have recognized us as a prestigious training center for gaining practical experience. For several months, students become integral members of our team, actively participating in the daily operations of the Center and gaining firsthand experience with real patients.


Our comprehensive program is designed to prioritize hands-on learning, the application of theory, and teamwork. In collaboration with the student, we will design an individualized training plan tailored to your needs and personal goals. Our focus is to drive the development and enhancement of skills and competencies as a therapist, both in theoretical and practical domains, focusing on the areas of psychology that interest you the most.


As part of our internship program, we offer:


Direct Access to Your Tutor: We'll be available to provide support and guidance whenever you need it. Additionally, you'll be part of a WhatsApp group with your cohort peers, allowing you to stay connected and share enriching experiences.


Active Participation in Therapeutic Processes: You'll have the valuable opportunity to be part of therapeutic sessions with real patients. This experience will enable you to understand the profession's reality firsthand, develop assessment skills, conceptualization abilities, and intervention strategies in various contexts, including populations like children, adolescents, adults, and families, among others.


Specific Classes: We offer specialized classes that address relevant topics in clinical psychology. These classes can be tailored to your preferences, allowing you to expand your knowledge in areas such as attachment, trauma, neuropsychology, and other topics of interest.


Case Tutorials: You'll accompany our psychologists in the analysis and treatment of clinical cases. You'll learn how to assess patients, formulate hypotheses, conceptualize cases, set goals, and design intervention programs while closely following patients' progress. This experience fosters a culture of constructive debate and reflection.


Case Supervision: You'll actively participate in team case supervision sessions. Here, we'll share a variety of cases and challenges, both from therapists and students, seeking to generate enriched perspectives and collaborative solutions.


Methodological Tutorials: We provide individual tutorials to track your progress according to your personalized plan. During these sessions, you can resolve doubts, develop skills, and maximize your learning.


At MS Psychology Center, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive and enriching training experience. If you're a student or have just completed your education and want to learn more about our practices, feel free to contact us at +34 687054700 or through We look forward to collaborating with you in your professional development in the field of psychology.

Científico usando microscopio


We are committed to ongoing research to enrich our knowledge and provide the best evidence-based solutions for the well-being of our clients.

At MS Centro de Psicología, we are not only committed to providing high-quality assessment and therapy services but also to ongoing research in the field of psychology. We recognize the importance of advancing our understanding of the complex aspects of the human mind and behavior. As such, we have established a strong foundation for research within our center.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is constantly engaged in research projects that address a wide range of areas within clinical psychology and mental health. From studying specific disorders to exploring new therapeutic techniques and intervention approaches, we are dedicated to contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field.


In addition to internal research, we collaborate with external universities and research centers to foster the exchange of ideas and access to the latest research and findings in psychology. This allows us to stay updated with the most recent developments and ensure that our practices are always informed by the latest scientific evidence.


We believe that research is a fundamental pillar for growth and continuous improvement in the field of psychology. We are dedicated to contributing to the field through our research contributions and using the acquired knowledge to enrich our clinical practices, providing our clients with the highest level of evidence-based care.

Significant Contributions in the Field of Research

At MS Centro de Psicología, our commitment to research is reflected through a series of significant contributions to the field of clinical psychology and mental health. Our team of professionals has actively engaged in generating and disseminating knowledge through various publications and presentations at renowned conferences.


Among our contributions, the publication of the book "What You Always Wanted to Know About Alcohol and Never Dared to Ask" stands out. Co-authored by J. Gibert Rahola, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Cádiz, E. Spínola Bruzón, and M. Sancho García-Serrano, the book was published by Grupo Aula Médica in 2019. Additionally, we have co-authored an article on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in the "Psiquiatria Biologica" journal, exploring its features, etiology, and treatment.


Our team has actively participated in relevant conferences and congresses in the field. María Sancho has presented research on suicidal behavior and dependence on stimulant drinks at the National Congress of Psychiatry, as well as shared insights at the International Congress of Clinical Psychology on the relationship between attachment and trauma. Additionally, along with her colleague Irene Sierra, we have participated in educational innovation conferences and workshops, conducting research on anxiety and learning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Furthermore, it's important to highlight that both Irene Sierra and María Sancho are currently immersed in their doctoral theses in collaboration with the University of Cádiz. Their dedication to research has led them to embark on projects of significant relevance and magnitude.


Irene Sierra's research focuses on the study of the relationship between body image and social media—an essential topic in today's society. Through her research, she aims to understand how online interactions impact individuals' perception of their bodies and how this might influence their emotional and psychological well-being.


On the other hand, María Sancho's research centers around attachment, executive functions, and psychological well-being in adolescents. Her study encompasses a diverse sample of students from various schools. Attachment and executive functions are fundamental aspects of adolescents' emotional and cognitive development, and her research seeks to shed light on how these variables relate to their overall well-being.


Irene and María's commitment to research reflects their passion for delving into crucial issues in psychology and mental health. We are proud to have dedicated and passionate professionals who seek to contribute to the advancement of knowledge for the benefit of our clients and the community at large.


These contributions showcase our ongoing commitment to knowledge generation and continuous improvement in the field of psychology. We believe that research is essential for providing our clients with evidence-based best practices and for enriching our understanding of the ever-evolving challenges of mental health.

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